bg photo comp. wip- construction site

work in progress for the Blender Guru photo realism competition. (construction of an overpass)

Update- lots of redone materials & new details

I would say this is starting to look pretty good. Your modelling and texturing both look good. The overpass seems a little off to me, it looks to thin but without seeing a reference I can’t say this for sure. I think you materials need the most work. All of your materials seem to lack shininess, where as in reality all materials reflect some light. I’m assuming you’re using cycles, so use a mix shader and a glossy shader to add this. If your using Blender Internal then bump up the specularity. Also your lighting seems a tad flat, are you using a HDRI for image based lighting?
Any way keep up the good work and this could be a serious contender :smiley:


What BeWebster said + as it looks like you are going for a cloudy weahter look, you should turn down the sharpness of the sun-shadows even more.

Great progress so far.

thanks for the comments Benwebster, AlmightyF
added detail, altered lighting and composting, softened up the shadows.
A little confused on the mention of specularity, I knew some of the materials could use more fresnel effect, but I’m unsure what materials in this scene need to have a visible shine.

This looks awesome! My only critique is that the brown metal parts, especially the one on the right because its close up, look too perfect. Great work

This is looking really good! Many parts of the picture look absolutely photo realistic! The parts that strike me as unrealistic is the large brown metal on the right, the dirt, and the grass. I’m not sure exactly what is wrong with the medal, maybe the color is too uniform? The dirt looks very smooth and undetailed in the foreground, so maybe just a more detailed texture would help? The grass looks very well cut and healthy, and almost just like green fuzz. On the side of a road like this I would expect there to not even be grass, but only tall weeds. Keep up the good work!

Looks really great to me. I didn’t see much I would add reflectivity to, as it looks like an overcast day. Great stuff.

Great work man! your doing some sweet things!

thanks for all the great comments
added details to cranes, updated depth of field, made grass more weedy, updated materials.
@italian joy- worked on that gravel dirt material but still having trouble with it, the texture’s detailed enough its just hard to pull out the realism. If anyone knows some ideas for this please do tell.

I’d say the grass could use some more work, but besides that its looking great!