BG rendering

(Nay) #1


I have recently gotten access to a windows machine to do some rendering, is it possible to render in the background in the windows version? if so, how and is it possible to set up a render queue?

cheers :slight_smile:

(S68) #2


from command line blender -h gives you lots of help.

blender -b file.blend -s StertFrame -e EndFrame -a

is most common usage.


(stephen2002) #3

you can also type a bunch of these command line options into a .bat file, and they will all be automatically executed.

(S68) #4


you can download my script to automate all that


(theeth) #5

or you can try my script to render in the background directly from Blender. That is, you can start a background render your current work and continue working on it while it renders.


(Nay) #6

thanks evryone

I’ll look at the scripts when I get a chance but the problem was that I was typing blender -h instead of blenderpublisher -h, whoops!


(kurppa) #7

also a nice way to do it is to make a normal windows shortcut to blender.exe and add the command line options there… this way u can also have multiple renderprojects neatly organized for a big renderfest… :wink: