BGC 0.0.7 released (16-05-2005)

After this excellent tut by macouno I decided to automate a bit his procedure.

Result is BGC - Blender Go Cubic, just uploaded to blender CVS server




Here’s version 0.0.3

I’ve only tested it on windows and it does need a full python installation!!

the script and a small tutorial can be found here

Please let me know what you think and if you encounter any errors!

Thanks S68 for getting the ball rolling :wink:

Great, i like this script TNX

that’s very good but i’ve a small suggestion.

have a look to this:

as happened to me i have some color differences between my 6 images due to specular light that changes with the point of view (tnx gillan).

so to prevent this kind of error maybe the script could have an option to enable “no specular” in all the lights of the scene, this of course will change light scheme but i suppose it’s the only way to aboid color differences.

I disagree with what Gillan said.

When you rotate (without moving) the camera specular highlights stays.

Your issue must be due to something else. If you pay great attention you’lls see seams at ALL cube edges, not only ceiling and floor.

First pointis: never use gaussian blur, it does not make seamless sub images

Second point: tell us more of your image!

How it was done?


I’ve had that discoloration happen myself…

In my case it was because I had blender render to .PNG and then edited the images in another application… those images where then different in brightness from the ones I hadn’t edited. The solution was to open all images in the image editor and save over the earlier “direct blender” versions. Somehow there’s a difference between how Blender saves a .PNG and other apps. That has nothing to do with this specific script though an not a big problem anyway. Either edit all your .PNG’s or none.

Actually spec should not change… this since specularity is calculated by taking the camera position and lamp position relative to an object. Neither is affected by this script. (If I am right, but I could be wrong, but I don’t think I am)

And yeah… there are some specific issues with your images… there’s a tiny dark line at their border… again not this script but something to do with your render settings… gaussian???

ok you two are right on everything:

yes gaussian was on and yes the specular thing about lights is camera indipendent and yes i’ve edited only two of my 6 images with an other app.

it’ s quite impressive.

thank you

We’re at V. 0.0.5

or here


Good work, but, found a bug, images are always saves as PNG so, just change line 436:

    DATAHASH['TYPE'] = Draw.Menu(types, EVENTHASH['NOEVENT'],
                                 15, 259, 250, 18, 2,
                                 "The image type. Type will remain set after the script is closed.")


    DATAHASH['TYPE'] = Draw.Menu(types, EVENTHASH['NOEVENT'],
                                 15, 259, 250, 18, DATAHASH['TYPE'].val,
                                 "The image type. Type will remain set after the script is closed.")

and it will be ok.


Erm - a question - which part of the process does this automate?

Thanks ph… I’ll look into that bit.

Xarton… it automates the part of the process that takes place in blender. So you still need other software to create the actual .mov file.

The reason this script is rather nice in my opinion is that it’s nearly completely non intrusive… you can apply it to any frame in any scene. Animated or not… and do do that manually before took some time. Also it allows you a lot more controll over your cylindrical panos… before it was really hard to figure out the right lens settings for specific heights/widths… but S68 came up with a lovely bit of math. :wink:

ph I had a look and a test and the value you suggested we change only sets what filetype is selected initially when the script is first run. The selector does work and does render different types.

I’ve updated my page on the script and the link to the script in there:

I’ve just updated CVS as well


Version 0.0.6 is out on CVS!

Now it makes turntables objects.

I’m sorry I cannot post an example simply because I could not find a freeware code to assemble the images. I made the update and tested it with the demo version of which, being a demo, does not save :frowning:

Anyway I hope someone could be interested!


Cool! Surely there should be someone that does that kind of thing freeware?

I’ve searched a lot :expressionless:


Somehow there doesn’t seem to be any freeware around for this. I’ve also been looking quite a long time for it.

I’ve just checked out the new update of the script and it looks great. I really love this script. It’s also a great easy way to show a WIP.

Just one small thing: change the version number of the script to 0.0.6
Line 50 still states it is version 0.0.5; this could create some confusion.

OPS! :expressionless:

Will fix that together with ‘Front’ Direction


Version 0.0.7 is out!

1 - Object Turntable renders can now be limited in theta-phi range
2 - thoro will release version 1.2 of his 3DNP script soon, version 1.2 will
read BGC outputs natively
3 - ‘Forward’ directions are fixed.
4 - There is some doc

Indeed forward directions are fixed in the sense that simple parenting camera to an empty does the trick. I really think this is the best option!

Everything is on CVS!