This is my entry for the BG christmas contest 2017, all parts modelled in Blender, some of these are “Textures from” and render with Cycles 1000 samples

This is the matcap view…

…and this is the wire view

Very nice! I like the vibrant colors, and the materials are great. Now I’m hungry for some panettone.

The hand looks like it’s something of the cake, maybe some other color for the nails?

Thanks, without Panettone there is no a xmas party! :slight_smile:

why you don’t like nails Fluo style? Now it’s too late for change color… :frowning:

I based my thought on that his hand over the cake doesn’t look like a hand because of the angle. The focal points are the faces and the cake in the middle. There is no way to figure out that it is a hand unless someone says that.

ok, thanks!