BgDM: Did you see the video?

(Vidigiani) #1

To the DragonMaster:
“Burger King, prefered restaraunt of all DragonMasters.”

To DarthVader:
“Which of these buttons do you push to call your parents for a ride home?”

There were so many parts where I thought I was to die laughing :).

(BgDM) #2

Yeah, I saw it. That was funny as hell. I was on the floor LMAO. Thanks for the laugh!

I loved the pregnant lady and the comment about “that’s the last female genetalia that kid will see!” That killed me.


(Vidigiani) #3

Yeah I forgot about that one :slight_smile: That was great… it was funnny how everyone played along with it too.

(Vidigiani) #4

Oh and how could I forget the part where Triumph (the dog) is talking about how that girl is the only one there and no one can please her. And then that one guy walks up and says “I will stand up to this” :P.