Could you not have just moved the my thread instead of locking it, and which support thread would be the correct one, I also posted it here as a general question, but whatever.

I do agree its a borderline topic, as its a feature request, not a blender specific one.

however it is “possible” already with UV mapping, infact its not hard at all (just not automated)

locking is a teaching aid more than its a cleaning aid. its just a blanket rule, and yes it captures thingswrongly at times, but it also stops many users making the same mistake in the future.


Yah, that’s hard. But that’s what everyone gets so don’t take it personally.

As for myself, I like to have things mixed up a little. Everything compartmentalized is an engineering paradigm and is not so conducive to creativity. But at the other extreme is chaos and that doesn’t work either.

Moving the thread leaves the topic open in the incorrect forum and doesn’t encourage change. Locking really puts the brakes on. No big deal. Everyone understands.

Indeed. It’s not personal. We just want to keep things clean here.



I don’t think so. Locking threads just makes people not want to bother posting because it’s so undignified to have a thread locked, sometimes without explanation - especially if the user has been here for a while. It treats people like they are idiots and they don’t know what context certain threads are in. They also might have put a lot of effort into the post so they then have to copy and paste the whole thing into a new forum.

What a mod should do is add a post suggesting that it should go in another forum if it is a regular user and the context is ambiguous and then if it is agreed, it should be moved. For new users, it should be moved more freely but still never locked.

just looking through news and discussion, I can see that there are a high number of posts that have not been locked, that don’t really fit the bill, and my question was not really answered, were should my post have gone, if locking is a learning tool:rolleyes:, then please inform us of were our post should be put, just saying it’s in the wrong place and locking the tread, is not doing the job.

I have know had my say, and will stop there, and don’t want to foul the place completly.


I don’t know. personally i wouldn’t have locked it, but mistakes can be made easily.

Often (as i have found out by doing similar) a feature request should be checked out in IRC or in the support forums, as most things are possible already, although not automated.

But if you want to know how to do it, try support forums. if you want to keep it as a feature request, then try (which has development forums)


The time involved in moving the threads for us is pretty big compared to just locking it. we are trying to seperate our roles from cleaners (cleaning up after sometimes lazy users)… no rules are perfect, but we do the best we can, and made this rule because of a huge amount of stuff being posted in wrong forums.


fwiw, here’s a thought. Since answering a few hundred problems a day with custom messages is obviously going to take a lot of time, and since it is rather bad form to leave someone hanging out there, maybe a standardized error message might do the trick. Somthing simple like, “We appologize for the inconvenience but your message is better suited for the blah blah forum. Thank you for your understanding. If you have any questions please contact the blah blah fourm for further assistance. Regards, the blah blah staff,” or some such. If you have a programer available you could probably put the entire package into a button.

canned messages are a possibility.

this has gone too far.

trak wreka:

Please don’t make us out to be some censoring mean people. We have nothing against discussion, we just want it to be civil and organised.

Well, it seems that that “Locked…” is the most common word in your messages, trak wrecka :p. Luckily, it hasn’t worked very effectively so far ;).

kind of wish this thread had different name,:cool:
I see today you’ve begun moving the improper subjects to their respective area. So you are trying new approaches. Good. The thing is, especially for new users, maybe a quick note about why and where? I remember being moved once upon a time somehere and I really didn’t even know where the new area was. The only way I could find my post was by going back to the old area and following the original post.

I don’t know, in the long run, I think you’ll save yourself some work by letting the original poster know what is up. That is to say, if the thread is moved to the I can’t find my shoelaces in the junk drawer who’s been rummagin through my stuff thread when it was originally posted in the World changing developements in Under Water Anti-Wrinkling cream thread the unsuspecting user may have trouble finding the new location if they just check in to read answers. To modify behavioral patterns one will still need to be made aware somehow.

And, just to let you know, all the work your are doing around here is appreciated. h.i.h.