BGE 2.62 Dynamic Font settings problems

I am attempting to switch over from the old bitmap text solution to the new one that was released with 2.62 inside of BGE. I can get the text object to say what I want it to say with both logic bricks and python (though I am not a python programmer, I used another person’s post).

My issue comes from when I try to change the font type, color or justification of the text object. When I hit P, it resets back to the default settings, rather than keeping mine. Before, the font type and color was handled in the texture, but trying similar techniques don’t seem to work. Any help here would be appreciated.

Thanks in advance!

i got the same problems i use logic bricks

I was having the same problem, along with some scaing issues with the new font object. I dont think they have implemented these features yet. Ive went back to bitmap fonts for now.

Not all of the functionality available with Blender’s text object is available for use in the game engine.

For color, you can use the object color which you set in the object context (not the material), though I believe the font type should work (providing you used an actual .ttf file in case you didn’t)

Thanks for the advice, Ace! I was using the windows system font folder, so pointing to a local .tiff solved that problem and changing the object color fixes my color problem!

I am looking forward to when they are able to implement the whole thing, but for now, this gets me everything I need!

There is a little bit of a scale jump, but I can work with that. Also, in case anyone else had this issue, if your font looks pixelated, change the font size in the font tab. Then just scale it down to the size you want in the 3D view.

Thanks again!