BGE 2.75 release Notes

Hi! For people who did not seen 2.75 release notes yet:

There are many interesting things:

  • New BGE World API (I think this is a patch from HG1… Thanks) > We can set ambient color, background color, MIST color (recently there were many threads on the subject) and several mist parameters in real time. Great!

  • Draw debug shadow box (I tested it and it’s fine!). It’s a patch from panzergame (new commiter for the bge) > We can see the limits (frustum and clipping) of the shadows projected by the sun lamp. Cool!

  • BGE support more than 2 UV channels (getUV() and setUV() methods improvements). I think it’s also a commit from panzergame.

  • Work on rigid body joint (not tested)

  • New method to get desktop resolution… See HG1 comment below

and several other things I don’t mention because I’m not familiar with (LOD, subclassing(Transform a KX_Gameobject into a class object),…) . 2.75 Blender version brings many interesting things for the BGE. Thanks to the developpers!

What do you think about these new features?

Many improvement is occured! Thank you developers!

But, I want to know more compatibility issues for overall…For example, the bge module is not included implicitly from 2.74, so I have to add “import bge” to all of my scripts. :frowning:

Not all scripts will use the bge module. If it were automatically included it would make those scripts less efficient. So this is a good thing.

My personal favorite improvement is the ability to move properties up and down :yes:
The world API should be great as well.

It’s poor practice to rely on globals, so this is a change for the better.

I am super happy they added object.getLODLevel,

out of my wishlist only a few things remain,



and Sybren was looking at adding collision.hitPosition

getDisplayDimensions() is not a replacement for getWindowWidth() and getWindowHeight().
getDisplayDimensions() return the setted desktop (monitor) resolution from the main display. It is use full for scaling things, eg. if you want to keep the aspect ratio or size of a menu (BGUI) and it is also needed for some shaders. getWindowWidth() returns the actual window size without frame, depending how big you are make them.

Hey, Thank you HG1 for you blood sweat and tears,

I just started using .getWindowHeight in conjunction with mouse.position and object.getScreenPosition…

so very handy, but a little tricky to get used to until you realize you have to multiply the floats returned by the screen dimensions.

Great stuff! The world settings is something I’ve waited a long time to see. Thanks to the developers!:heart:

Great stuff, thanks to the devs!

@kendrick1397, @agoose77
Yeah, I don’t say the change is bad. I just want to know it the behavior is a change or bug…

It was actually the return of a line that was required for BGE scripts back in the days of Blender 2.25 to the early 2.4x series. It was changed later in the 2.4x series to be imported automatically (and has since been reverted).

Many thanks to the developers!

Sweet! Thank you devs!

so when this 2.75 is planned to release?

BCon5: May 30 (git frozen, RC a few days after)

Amazing work devs! I always wanted to change the mist color, but it only worked on multi texture mode, not on GLSL, I even wrote a shader for that! So I thank you for the new world API!

Also been wanting to set objects to ghost for a very long time! thank you for this:
The KX_GameObject.suspendDynamics() method now has an optional boolean “ghost” argument, that (when True) disables collision detection. This effectively makes the object a ghost. (4e7ef3f5cd8c)
making a portal-like game with this is much more easier now!

Looking forward for the official release May 30 :smiley:

nice! before I had to spawn a object and then ghost parent to it!

Great new for 2.75! : (Material animation!)
Another cool stuff:

This release will be very cool for the bge!

2.75 Release notes have been updated. So I give the link again (I was surprised that there were no reaction about material animation… More explainations in release notes):

Another fun thing: Lock translation for dynamic objects (cool for 2D games). (Before 2.74, the lock translation buttons were present in the physics panel but it didn’t work, I think)

That’s good news about the material animations. I’ve been using nodes and object color to do that until now but I’d rather do it without nodes…