BGE - 2D Tetris

2D tetris clone. Made with Blender Game Engine. Graphic rendered with Blender Internal.


Gameplay Video 1

Cool, it looks very old-school :wink: there seems to be a minor bug at 1m30 with the grern piece floating a row too high. Well done!

Great job, looks really fluid.
There is only one thing I would change, but maybe its just my ocd. When you spawn the block its spawned 1 or 2 rows above the visible part of the playground. So you have to wait for it to get a row or two down to fully see the block. Maybe if the block spawned totally visible the player would be able to react faster.

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Totally visible setting.


It looks cool, but I have trouble reading the dark blue font against the dark blue background. Even the highlighted words are hard to read because of the dark line going across the middle. I can read some of the letters and fill in the blanks through context, but others can be a little misleading like “handicap” turning into something like “landlord”.

And I was real excited to play Tetris: Landlord Edition. :frowning:

man this is rook man you just made it like if it was the same game form before ,awesome

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Dr. Mario


Great visuals… love the sounds!

I agree with @The Omnilord about the text colors. My eyes are bad and I can’t read any of it without really straining, as large as it is.

new gameplay

Trailer Video