BGE Abstract art on display at the Reboot Cafe

Sensationalist title! It wasn’t because it was amazing, it was because the computer was there and the supervisor had said “anything appropriate goes. Bonus points for using compter vision to make it interactive”

So we have BGE displayed on three screens above a cafe:

The Blend:
ShaderFail.blend (623 KB)

It’s shaderfail because when I first made it, it looked nothing like what I wanted it to, but I saved it because it looked cool (in my opinion). They really want something that will be interactive (their are two webcams just below the screens), so I may attempt to integrate computer vision… Any ideas? Better yet, if you have anything that looks cool at 5000x1000px, drop me a blend and I may stick it up there. (and isn’t a game: ie I don’t have to play it)

Well, the brain is not interested by stuff that moves but in stuff whose rate of movement changes. It has to do with lions hiding in the bush. So, in theory, if you render an image that only changes when something moves in the room, it should draw the attention.
In particular, walking people that notice it should stop moving, then start again, then stop and restart.
The image itself should be something that blends with the environment but not so much to go unnoticed and it should change and go back to the original state according to the detected motion.

I have always wondered if they put anything other than images up in Erskine.

Perhaps something like stars/particles flying towards the centre of the screen and it adjusts based on the position of the people below?