BGE Action animations on Linked objects

I was hoping someone here could help give me a definitive answer on something I can’t quite figure out. Can a Linked Object (or Group) with an animation active with the Action actuator in the BGE?

When I link an object or group that has animation, it arrives in the master scene with the animation intact. When I scrub the timeline, it animates. Additionally, when I add an action actuator, I can see the objects linked animation track in the drop down. But when I start the game, the actuator does not animate the linked object’s animation. It just stays there and does nothing.

I made sure I had the correct frame ranges and playback type. Additionally, I added a debug game prop integer to “add 1” when I activated the sensor, to make sure that the sensor was activating appropriately. Everything seems to work great, except the animations.

I have tried to add animation to a linked group in the master scene and I have tried to add animation in the reference Linked file, but neither seem to bring in what I need.

In general, I Link using groups, so I can place my object where I want them. Should I use a different Link type?

I hope that is enough information, but let me know if you need further clarification on the scene setup.

Thanks in advance for your help!


:: Edit :: Basically, I am looking for the best way to use Blender and the BGE with a small collaborative team. I need one person to be able model, texture and animate while another applies physics and game logic on the same project. My hope is to use Linked references so the modeler can do his work on the assets and the game designer can get those updates when he loads the master game file as he works on the logic. So far, nearly everything works, except this issue with the Action actuator. If I can solve this, then it should be smooth sailing.