BGE alpha not showing

I’m setting up an animated waterfall in the BGE with the help of thistutorial. Since my computer doesn’t allow glsl, I’m using multitexture. I’ve used three planes for the cascading water, uv textured with alpha. I have also added some object color animations going from transparent to fully visible. When I press ‘P’, the alpha on the first plane shows, but the other two don’t, although they all use the exact same settings.

I have attached the blendfile as well. Layer 1 has the main simulation while layer 2 has the waterfall planes. Could anybody help?


waterfall.blend (616 KB)

This might help:

Thanks Professor Monster, that is a very valuable tutorial. I must keep it saved for future reference to spare me from a lot of trial and error. However, the problem I’m facing is that the first (water cascade) plane is fading in fine, it’s the subsequent two planes that are not, although they have the exact same material and game logic settings. Let me explain in a little more detail. This waterfall has three uv textured planes that are spawned from a cube one after the other in a loop. The first of those three planes looks fine with alpha. It’s the other two that are showing as white planes in both texture and game mode. Those other two are basically copies of the first with the same material settings. I did the object color keyframing from invisible to visible for all three separately, and then put the actions in the action actuator for them. Why won’t they show with alpha? I think I’m either doing something wrong while setting the object color keyframes (under the object data tab) or while adding the action actuators for fading them in. All three planes appeared fine until this stage, although the waterfall did look horrible and jumpy as there was no fading in. Thanks again for your help.

hi shareddreams,

If you take a look at
Properties menu >> Texture tab >> Mapping >> Coordinates
for each of your game objects – Cascade1, Cascade2 and Cascade3 – you will see that you are using UV mapping for each of them.

In the UV/Image Editor, you UV Mapped your alpha image to game object Cascade1

But you forgot to UV Map the alpha image to Cascade2 and Cascade3.


Thanks Clark for spotting it. Yes that was the issue. I had thought a shift+D would have made a duplicate of the uv as well.