BGE and the future...

BLENDER GAME ENGINE will NEVER be one that is well known…such as UDK,CRYENGINE or UNITY because it harbors riff raff. like trolls who talk like they are so much greater than us small time users. we hillbilly cancer survivors who cant afford a real game engine or the college education to go along with it are too much of a distraction for the great blender community of trolls. we don’t type in a acceptable format for them and ask dumb long winded questions. or propose dumb or impossible ideas. yeppers it will never be said “BLENDER” was the game engine that some great mainstream game was developed with, simply because the facade of “helpful blender community” is exactly that- A FACADE… with all their intelligent words they say nothing worthwhile. they treat newcomers as targets for their trolling…even the moderators participate in such nonsense. I might be stupid and dumb. I cant type in a format that anyone but me will like but I DO know this the “nice helpful blender community” don’t exist.

What you’re saying makes no sense at all… trolling community? go to other game engines forums and you’ll see the difference.
I think that you’re the only troll here.

Okay, I hope this thread will be closed soon.

If you have a problem, message a moderator. Its their job to stop any objectionable posts and trolling / bullying. But from my 2 years experience I’ve never had problems, even after asking simple questions over and over.

I’ll copy the Core of my Private Message to you here so you might be more likely to see it wherever you go and the Message might get burned into your Mind, as you shall burn. :3

Wow, SSXer, you are the worst Person I’ve seen in quite some Time around here.
You made one Post – it was really badly readable and People told you to change it, and still you got a Lot of helpful Responses AND YOU IGNORED THEM. Instead you made three more Posts insulting just everyone, because you think “Break” is a pseudo-cool Word.
Let’s recap, 25 Percent of your Posts were unreadable and 75 Percent were Trolling and Hating, self-projecting your own Lack of Wit and Love onto the Others.
Be glad there are actual Treatments for Cancer, because YOU are the Cancer.

And remember, if you go around accusing People of being evil, they will be evil to you, just so you will feel a little Bit of the Pain – it is just a natural Method to prepare you for Hell. ;D

(Well, of Course I actually hope you will change your Ways. † )

> Makes one unreadable post that can be considered bot output at best
> Gets constructive feedback
> New post filled with hate spam insulting everyone

+1 to C.A.Ligari and someone please get this guy out of our sights…

Moved from “Game Engine > Game Engine Support and Discussion” to “Support > Blender Artists Website Support” as this is more about our forums than it is about the game engine.

@SSXer, if you have any issues, please feel free to share them here or send me a PM to discuss them.

britts are the definition of the word troll and it was a moderator that I was posting in objection to and not evbdy tlks tha way others do and a mod can ommit my post or berate me publicly and open the door for the other trolls to do the same rather than omit my post and private message me as to why it was omitted…hmmmm okay guess that proper protocol for blender moderators…and you have shown that you are just as intelligent as monster…

yeppers I totally deserved to be publicly berated for not using a format that monster don’t like…the content of my post was way! way ! un readable right? mabie I should post in ebonix? its standard protocol for moderators to berate people and allow trolls to participate in the trolling also? ok I get it im the bad guy here…

yep don’t ever post in objection right? just get pushed around right? yep my post was so intewlligeable till I deserved to be attacked by every toll on tha site ok I get it… so I don’t type in code writers proper format so rip my face off and burn me alive great PROTOCOL FOR A MODERATOR…

No one is attacking you.

Please allow me to post some constructive criticism.

Your first post here was in the Game Engine Support and Discussion, and consisted of a wall of text. Monster posted some advice requesting you to split the wall of text into readable chunks, because a single block of text looks like spam. In your case it wasn’t, but he was informing you that people don’t tend to like reading that amount of text without proper formatting.
Monster was not trolling, just offering advice.

Advice that the community then agreed with for the next couple of posts.

So, here’s my advice:

  • Do a bit of research into nettiquette. The more presentable your writing, the more people will be happy to help you.
  • Perhaps create a new user where you have not offended various community members and moderators.