BGE and the PS3.

I tried to format this post as well as possible and get my thoughts across clearly, but please bear with me. I also did do about 20 mins of research first.

The release of the PS3 is just around the corner and it’s looking like it’s going to be the best home-brew console yet, with pre-installed Linux and very stable hardware. There will also be “Yellow Dog” Linux available for purchase at a pricetag of 50$ USD. That is really great, considering Micro$oft’$ Xbox360’$ homebrew development kit (XNA) doe$ not allow $haring of your binaries with other people who also do not have a XNA creator$ club member$hip (100$ annual member$hip) and XNA Game $tudio to compile.

The PS3 also looking bright especially for Blender Game Engine on it for the perfect home-brew development suite. It’s simple, very fast to make games which would take hours to do from scratch. It can run nativly right on the PS3; Along with software such as GNU Image Manipulation program, Open-Office and Linux Multimedia Studio to make the other assests of the game. Open-Source homebrew developers rejoice!

Though, If you are wishing to sell your games you might still run into some roadblocks, mainly Blender-player being LGPL. It requires you to do a few things. First off, You need to let your .blend files hang in the open. Usually not much of an issue, As it encourages people to make modifications and make a sense of community to your game. Leaving your .py files out isn’t a catastrophe either, as it has the same effect as leaving your .blends in the open. Another requirement of the LGPL is that your game must be able to be compiled if a newer version of blenderplayer is released. This once again, is not an issue as all that needs to still be possible is to replace the blenderplayer executable.

Personally, I haven’t researched the OGRE3D implementation or how it will work. I have no clue if it will keep the Blenderplayer, or if it will have it’s own under a different license. If anyone knows, please say. Though, I do know for sure OGRE3D is 100% linux compatable.

In conclusion: The PS3 will be a great host to homebrew on (For those who can afford it :p) due to it’s in-the-box Linux and Stable hardware, allowing you to run your Softare Development tools directly on the console and no-restrictions on selling what you make as it is, just standard linux software. It’s also great for anyone who does not have a decent computer, but is willing to buy a PS3 instead as it will serve all the purpose of the PC (including web-browsing to post on your favorite forum *Cough cough Blenderartists).

so you willhave an extra PC if you pay the 700 for something that will only last for about a year

Ive thought about this earlier, and I wonder if youll be able to access the RSX through the Linux distribution thats available for the PS3. Personally, I dont think it will be possible, I think that Sony wants to control the games for the PS3, since its making a loss on the actual PS3 hardware and a profit on the games.

The current status of the XNA is yes not as good as I would like but things will improve around next spring (sharing of binaries on disk will be an option)

PS3 may have linux but I bet its some special build that blender wont function on proplerly.

I have been messing with the XNA since beta 1 and I am very impressed. I am not interested in the XNA so much for making games as I am for my own personal software ( raytracer, simulation software, genetic algorithms ) I would probably utilize the 360’s power for other things. Wait??? Am I going of topic here? lol

P.S. I lied about the not interested in games part. In fact I have been using XNA to work on my own game engine :wink:

There are 2 questions to be considered here:

  • Will the BGE be able to fully tap into the power of the RSX?
  • Will the Yellowdog - PS3 mixture result in a super DRM computer, rather than an unrestricted OS?I think number 2 is one of the more important issues. Personally, I think it’s more probable that the PS3 will carry alot of restrictions. After all, it is a game console designed to return a profit. Making the PS3 fully open would threaten that in many ways.

I’d like to believe that the SONY guys are just being nice here, but somehow I think it’s still all about money.

The_Warder: The average console lifespan is 5-8 years. It’s not 700$ either, maybe you should do your research and post accurate prices. Don’t bring up you need to buy a TV to, we all have one.
Ultimadark: You should check out the yellow dog linux, I’m fairly certain it will have full access to letting you run blender. And if there’s no access to the card, I’m nearly 100% certain it will be modded in.
spike1907: Really? I heard that they would need you to license a more expensive “XNA Game studio Professional” if you wanted to distribute binaries. Maybe I heard wrong, If so this is rather interesting. To bad I’m really 3D oriented not programming, Highschool doesn’t seem to want to teach it.

There are a lot of if’s, but I’m hoping Blender will run on the PS3. I heard it only uses opengl es instead of the full version, which might be a problem. Will they provide opengl drivers for linux? I can only hope. If they do there’s no question I’ll be getting it. I’m sick of Microsoft and I don’t use their products.

WillTremblay: Did I ever say that XNA Game studio Professional would be free. Duh your gona have to pay for it. To be given the chance to develop an engine on the 360 its worth the price.

And dude who cares if your HS dont teach you. If you want it then teach yourself.

wait, WillTremblay, did you say that your school doesn’t teach programming? that’s weird, i thought all high schools had some kind of computer science course. whatever, i’m self taught in a couple languages, so if i can do it, i’m sure you can. about the ps3, you’re gonna get home-brewn games no matter what, the problem is that they might not be good enough to get anyone’s notice. i think sony should remove all restrictions, because even if their system was totally unlocked, it’d have to take a super talented programmer to make a game so awesome it’d take profit away from sony. most game players aren’t game developers, even if the developing is little arcade style games. oh, and spike1907, WHO THE HELL ARE YOU!! you must be god or something, to be doing all the crazy programming stuff that you do. how old are you? is your avatar you, 'cuz that gentleman looks rather young…
whatever, go sony, boo microsoft. no matter the outcome, nintendo will still miraculously strive onward, and live to see the next generation. they’re creepy like that.

first of all just chill. lol :stuck_out_tongue:
Second yes that is me. I am 17 and have been programming for 8 years (graphics related for 4).
And third. I fail to see what is so crazy that I am doing. What a game engine for the 360??? I wouldnt call it that crazy or awsome, anybody with the right knowledge could do it.

While I do appreciate your comment, don’t you think “god” is a little strong.

well, i did use the lowercase “g”. maybe demigod? would you accept that? wow, you’re as old, possibly younger, than me. did you get schooled on that stuff? i learned about 3d stuff rather late in the game, so i know next to nothing on how raytracers work, same goes for genetic algorithms. are you in your school’s gifted program? or honors classes, whatever your school offers. from what you claim to know, you should be able to test out of half of your required courses when you hit college. did your parents put you on this road, like, did they tell you about this kinda stuff? my parents are next to clueless about how computer graphics are done (no idea why i’m not amish…), so i’m kinda at a road block. basically, my real-world education is coming off of these forums, and school does nothing except waste my time. do you have any (more) awesome sites concerning these methods that you have learned?

ps - i have yet to examine the glsl sites you gave me, but i bookmarked one of them for later reference. i’ll bookmark the other when i have the time. thanks in advance.

No actualy I hate school and my attendance record sux. My parents didnt really have that much of an influence on me except for art. Everything I know was self tought. No im not in any special programs.

My family is a long line of photographers. So I was always interested in art and photography. When I was young I saw a lil animated film called “Toy Story” and for several years I wanted to do animation. Then when I was nine we got a family computer (It was a total POS even by those days standards). I found a little piece of software called anim8or and thats where I started.
I grew from there on the art and animation side.

As for programming… I decided it was a neccesary skill when I realized that the tools I was using did not fit my needs and so I would have to create my own tools to get specific tasks done.

wow, you started with anim8or? i tried that program before discovering blender, and that thing sucked. i think my problem is that there was never one thing that inspired me to become a game designer or a 3d artists. sure, i saw Toy Story, then, i saw the sequel. i grew up playing mario, then sonic, and now final fantasy. none really got me motivated. through elementary school, and a little of middle school, i wanted to make a game, but every environment i found involved intense amounts of scripting. so i gave up, every time. 9th grade, i found Sphere (you might know of it). it was nifty, and easy to use, and had potential. that got me back into game making. then i learned how to make Basic games on my calculator (it’s what i’m known for now at school, that, and making math programs that turn math finals into a walk in the park). I only discovered blender out of necessity, when i declared that i would make a 3d game for a gifted project, to be presented at the end of the year. little did i know that repeated failure in 3d game design would turn me into an english major. nothing like a crash course in bullshitting… anyway, i seriouly envy you for your initiative, and whether you like it or not, i shall continue to call you the demigod of computer science. i suggest you take the title, and use it against your foes.

LMAO… oh ok I accept that title.

Yea dude I totaly know what your talking about with the calc thing. haha I made mini programs for math and physics to do my problems for me. I dream of one day making a super computer out of z80 proccesors :stuck_out_tongue: (the Ti-83 proccessor ) lmao

I hope you realize by now that games are F***ing hard to make and in many cases your going to need alot of scripting…

Whoa whoa whoa wait one second here!!! we just wasted like 6 posts here.
We gota avoid that in the future.

Eh really I dont care which system is better here. Im gona end up buying the Wii and the ps3 eventualy and I already have the 360(sweetness). Really I cant say anything about my hopes for being able to create homebrew software for the ps3. Everything is just speculation until release. But hey for those in the US its like just under 2 weeks :smiley:

yeah, making games == lots of work. and while you’re making a computer out of Z80 processors, i’ll be working on the other end of the spectrum, and mod my 83SE to accept a pentium 4, and solder on a usb port while i’m at it. did you read about that new app for the 84’s that allows the use of a flash drive as external memory for the calc? just get the driver file, and an appropriate adaptor cable, and you could have several megabytes of storage on a calculator!! ohh, the games…the glorious ASM games…

peace out, nap time.

mmm… kilobytes… lmao!
btw I really wasnt serious about the z80 thing. although I do think the potential for really good (extremely cheep) computing power is there.

so how bout that gameEngine + PS3 lol

The PS3 will allow complete homebrew coding. And from what I have read you will have complete access (through Linux) to the PS3 power. Now the only down side is that if you decide to do homebrew games you are: Not allowed to sell them, and you dont get the SDK or anything to help you find the cool features hidden in the PS3. Your basically on your own, along with the rest of the PS3 homebrew community.
You can however buy the SDK and all the help as Game developers would usually do.

wait, you’re not allowed to sell the homebrewn games? that’s crazy!! then, the whole thing is just for personal enjoyment?? the only reason people make games is for profit and recognition…

wait, you’re not allowed to sell the homebrewn games? that’s crazy!!

WTF? Homebrew for PS3 will be very much like Open Source, you will release the games to the entire PS3 community. Just like many do now with Blender created stuff. And if you really want to sell your game you spend the money to allow you to do so.