BGE - Animated Textures.

Hi dear members of the forum. I have time using Blender, but I’m relative new with BGE (and know 0% Python).

I made some animations (like explotions) for my game, but with meshes. Naturally, if various explotions at same time consumes resources causing big lag. So I was asking myself how to make a 2D animation with textures or UV? (like sprites or UV offset).

I saw some topics and tutorials, but or doesn’t work for BGE, or simple I coulnd’t understand (a 360p res video with no voice, wtf, hehe). I tried ** AnimAll ** add-on, and is easy to use, but no idea how to make it work for BGE (only appear in Timelime, but can’t save it as Action into Dopesheet window, so can put it on a Action Actuator in Logicbricks).

So anyone can help me to achieve this please? Will really appreciate. I don’t wanna change from game engine. This is an example:

Animation & Frames

Verify that you have problem with your mesh explosion before you render to sprite.

First render the animation to .png frames, then combine them into what you link as “frames”. Then follow this tutorial:

Thanks a lot Kheetor. That tutorial worked fine for some situations (repeptitive animations, like water, fire, etc.)

If I understand what you’re trying to do, you’re going to run into an issue in which duplicated objects (or objects spawned in-game) that play that splash animation will share frames (i.e. you’ll spawn a splash, and it will be ending). There’s no way around this for the built-in animated texture method. The solution would be to go with UV scrolling or replacing the mesh of the splash via Python.