BGE animation glitch .. need help

Hi! i have a problem with my animated model … i have bad english and cant explain it, then i make video, please look at it :frowning:

Is the parents scale 1.00? (ALT+S).

yeah, i check evrything, EVRYTHING! … hmm, mabye bone constraints? is supported in BGE? i have rotation limit and IK on the foots and legs

Oh, that may be the problem, I don’t know that they work in the GE. Only a few constraints work (I don’t know which). I’m sure someone will be able to help you here. :slight_smile:

It looks like you have a problem with the constraints. Avoid the usage of world coordinates.

ou, thanks for answer Monster, but what do you mean with this? i dont understand you with my bad english, can you explain it little more?

p.s. i have a lot of experience with animating, but this has never happened to me

Please, help me, anybody!

look at it…


character.blend (827 KB)

I think Monster means re-rig him.
With NO constraints.

why? i always using constraints … thats may be “hard work” without const.

What I mean is this:

Your contraints run in world space rather than in object (pose space) or bone space (local space).

You should see that when you turn your armature around Z-axis even in Blender.

I suggest to follow some of the walk-cycle video tutorials.

Thanks! i look at this … btw. i see many walk-cycle tutorials, but i never see the first set-up of armature