BGE animations not working.

I cannot get my animations to work in blender game engine. I am not looking for speculation on what could be the problem… I am looking for a definitive answer. I will provide the .blend and if anyone would be so kind to have a look at it for me I would be much appreciative.


I have used blender game engine in the past with no problems of the kind.
But however currently I am really annoyed and curious to “why” it
isn’t working for a better understanding of the program and
also any future problem of the sort. Thanks again I
look forward to any help I can get on this one.


armature1.4.5.blend (1.59 MB)

Subsurf after armature will not work.

place it before armature in the stack.


ill take off the subsurf and see what that does.

You saved the day HAIL CTBM, thank you my hats off to you. Much appreciated.