BGE bad way to slow motion

Slow Motion :

press spacebar several time to slow. and press x to back to normal speed.

how this method works :

That is an horrible idea, to let your video card stress so much to make a slow motion.
And very inaccurate, what if i want to slow down things an a crappy pc? (add it 1 time? how you know the pc wont freeze?)
and if i want to slow my pc i should add it like a few 100 maybe 1000 times, so it wont work for public games.

But probably the only one you can get atm.

Btw you know you are missing the E in plan (plane)? :stuck_out_tongue:

it’s creative, but the worst idea i’ve ever heard for making slo-mo in game engine.
and he’s not only missing E in plan, but also in subdivid.but i think he’s having the same problem like me, the E button on my keyboard is hard to press.and it’s should be"thing" not “think”.

The best way to do slow motion is to have a global gamespeed multiplier that you apply to everything (character speed, animation speed, etc). Leave it at 1.0 but when you go to slow motion set it to .3 or whatever. The only issue is physics but this can be fixed with some clever forces. So for things to fall slow, just apply the correct upward force to “slow down” gravity. I use some slow motion in my games and this method is probably the best.

I don’t think adding too many objects for a pc to handle is a good way to slow things down. Might not even be safe.

I beleive that one of the more common solutions in BGE is to use a python script to quickly pause and unpause the game. The speed of the slow mo changes with how long it is unpaused VS paused. This is still not ideal, and I think that redbaron5 does have the ideal system. Come to think of it, you can set the FrameRate using python, maybe this is a way to acheive a slow-mo effect? I will test it out later today and will report my findings.