BGE Benchmarking 0.1

Hello mates, I’m working on a BGE Benchmarking system, in realtime
Cubes are being add rapidly,
I can add another curve for number of cubes and make it blue for example,…
what suggestions do you have before I make a release?

this is for 2.5
ps: the improved version will be available on my upcoming DVD :smiley:


very nice could be helpful with debugging/speed optimisation

I Love your graph. :smiley:
Graphs are really a very nice way to visualize data. :slight_smile:

Is it a patch, or a script?

I think thats a python script.

a python script, still developing it.

i think thats a python script.


how did you make the graph ? empties and drawline? Would be interesting to know that…

i reckon drawLine and vector maths, to draw a curve.

Here goes another test,
-no container to have them collide with, just collide with each other
-8 Emitters instead of 2

it took twice the time until it is started to heavily decreasing.
why there is some places where fps increases before that big decrease?
ok, next adding some other curve for number of cubes…

looks interesting, i will give it a try.

I think this has something to do with collision.

I’m back to this project after freelancing a for some time
just 10 minutes of playing with the blend, here goes the orange curve is the number of cubes
and the yellow one is the frame rate

here dynamic instead of rigid body
alright, now will add robots instead of cubes.

new stuff, thanks for mokazon for making a walkcycle…

I spent some time to kill a big bug, hehe, killing a hidden bug like that is a nice thing :evilgrin:
now the logic don’t exceed 15, before the bug, it was something like 80% _


Care to release the code?

It crashes for me.