BGE broken? Faces unfixable

Hey guys,

I’m really frustrated. I’m currently working in the BGE (GLSL) and almost all my objects seem to have face-problems in the runtime.
I did everything, recalculating, removing doubles, finding non-manifolds, etc etc but I can’t fix it.
I’ve had never such problems in the BGE, is this some kind of bug?

I remember seeing such bugs myself but can’t remember the details. Could it have been about alpha settings?

Does it also happen in solid draw mode and multitexture? Next try replacing material with something simple and see if it persists.

Yeah, it’s the alpha setting. Use alpha clip or opaque rather than alpha blend. (you’ll have to set the BGE to game settings, not render settings, it opens up more options in the properties tab).
It looks like an interesting game by the way.

Thanks guys!
It’s no propblem in solid mode, but in multitexture/glsl. I recognized it has something to do with the camera angle (see images below). I already tried changing the alpha settings, but it doesn’t make a difference.

Which version of Blender are you using?

Did you try with images that don’t have alpha (for error location purposes)?

That’s the weird thing! It’s not only the alpha-textures, it’s more like blender got broken in a night oO
I’m working with current 2.71 but I also tried older Blender versions, even reinstalling the current one

Here’s an example file, perhaps someone can find the error

example.blend (1.34 MB)

As far as I’m checking disabling alpha resolves the face order issues?

Non-transparent materials should have opaque setting and transparency disabled. For transparent material I think you want to set the mode to “alpha clip” for desired results?

Ahh you got it! I set the alpha option to some solid objects accidently :smiley: Setting it to opaque for the solids fixes the faces - Thank you very much, I was about to become depressed ^^

As mentioned before, do not use transparency if you do not need it. Transparency bypasses Z-Buffer processing, eats a lot of processing time and can easily become unsolvable or incorrect sorted.

A) If you do not need transparency (e.g. the wall) switch to Opaque.
B) If you really need transparency (e.g. at the wire structure, fences, gates) switch to Alpha Clip.
C) If you need semi-transparency (e.g. window glass, curtains) use Alpha blend at as less and as small faces as possible. Ensure such faces do not intersect. When they are near to each other join them to a single mesh.

Thanks for clarifying this Monster! :slight_smile: I guess I accidently copied the setting and wasn’t aware of it

As far as I know, this happens when importing from other formats. At least this was the case when others reported the same issue here.

Mh yea, It might have been caused by the Photoshop files or the “Import Images as planes” addon