BGE-Bug-Spotting: Collision

Hi there. I just found a bug concerning collision-bounds.
While the bounds appear to contain the object during modeling, they seem to be recentert to the object-origin while in the running game.
This appears to happen to all bounds but the convex hull, and the triangle mesh.
It works fine too, if you dont use bounds at all.

Just some pics to ilustrate the problem:


Best Regards, Teck-freak

That is a known issue.
The capsule, box, sphere, cylinder and cone shape collision shape will be placed at the objects pivot point.
There are two ways to fix that.

  1. Move the pivot to the center of the object.
  2. Make an additional invisible collisions box, add the collisions shape to it, and parent the original mesh (no collision) to it.

I think this is while these bounding types are simple shapes that allow faster calculations by assuming the origin is the center of mass.