bge camera problem

Hi all,

i was wondering if someone can help me solve a problem with the camera in bge.
when i press 0 on my numpad (for camera-view) and p to start playing my game
it seems bge does not use the camera… it just shows everything what’s visible in
the 3d view and does not use the camera… ? How come ? I know in Blender 2.53
one can assign a specific camera to a specific scene in the proporties panel…
i’ve been looking for this feature in Blender 2.49b but haven’t found it… and i’m
using the 2.49b because in 2.53 you still can’t publish your game.

Can someone plz help ? :slight_smile:

tnx in advance,


Try selecting the camera and pushing control + 0 to set it as the default camera.

Or you could try a workaround and set the camera in realtime using the scene actuator.

post the .blend file

Hey guy’s tnx for this quick response.
i tried the ctrl+0 but it does not solve the problem.

so i’ve uploaded the .blend file. Hope this helps.

p.s.: working on a mac here, don’t know if the .blend file can be opened on a windows pc…


game_fps.blend (239 KB)


The file seems to work for me - are you saying that when you run it the view point does not change? It does for me. Did I misunderstand your question?

Nope that’s exactly my question… my view point does not change, dunno how this is possible…
Tnx for the effort tho :slight_smile: I’ll try and figure it out. Must be something with my pc or something.