BGE camera wobble script?

as the title suggests I need a python scripted camera wobble for game blender something clean and simple, with the distance of the camera zooming in and out dynamically with the terrain while also being parented to another object. Will pay for this just pm me and we can discuss a price and I’m looking for a long term freelancing kinda dude that can get some things done for me here and there on some various projects…

thanks so much in advance for any feedback:)

Hello hanzo!

First of, in order to present myself, I’m an long time blender user and have allot of knowledge in programing (python/Java/c#/etc…) (I do have some degrees in these languages).

If you give me an more detailed description in an pm of what the script need to be able to do I can probably make it 4 you.
I don’t often ask for payments, as I do this 4 fun. But if it is an hard script to make, and it take allot of time, then an smaller payment is never wrong^^
If you are to pay me you will ofc do so when/if you are pleased whit the work done, and ofc not until then.

if you are interested in my help, plz send me an pm :slight_smile: