BGE can use OpenGL 4?

Hello I’ve been looking for to know if Blender Game Engine is able to use OpenGL 4 a long time and today I am asking for it and need an answer. Thank you.

Please help me guys!

Yes, the BGE can use OpenGL 4.

Someone else could convey trust?

What is a dx11 gpu?

A GPU which supports Direct X 11, although I’m not sure how the OpenGL standard would correlate with the Direct X standard.

Thank you so much guys! My GPU can use Directx 11, then I can take advantage of that. Thanks!

because generally a gpu that support dx11 technology also support opengl technology too, it was for give a reference

What, really!? Isnt BGE OpenGL 2.1?

yes, blender lastest versions support glsl 4.0 shader, however i’m still trying to understand the logic behind a shader, i know how it works but can’t understand how make it works