BGE Car Animation to Cycles

Hi there,

sorry if this is NOT in the right section cause Im curious about something but on the other hand it will be also a support for me if someone knows the answer so, lets start:

I think most of U guys knows Phymec and his SUPERB car rigging animations but for those who are not familiar here is the latest one:

For me it looks like he drove the car around and record the animation and then render it with Cycles but … time for my Q ;)… Is there a way to record all the objects in the scene for the anim render???

I tried to use a file with the script ready to drive a model on keyboard…

…but when I turn the RECORD function in BGE the only object recorded is the car body so NO wheels and so on… Is there a way to do this and if its a problem how the heck Phymec made those anims???

 Sincerely, JayM

PS: Is there still some working SmallLuxGPU for Blender?

Really NO idea how to solve this???