BGE Character Type Physics clarification

Hi, I just wanted to know if the current Character Physics type in BGE is just a prototype or wip which has updating plans for the upcoming blender 2.7/2.8 versions since I see that other collision types such as dynamics don’t interact with any object with character physics type, there are few limitations in some actions such as disabling character physics type dynamics .
Thank you in advance.

honestly i never used but maybe will be a good “base” to add some other component.
ie: ->
character.play_action(“walking”) #where the action already define all details of action (layer, framestart, end… )
character.set_skin(“Warrior”)#ie, replace the mesh with another one
character_move_to(target, speed, turn_speed=0.1) #where is implicit move forward = +Y and turn = rotation on Z

something like this

actually seem an experiment a bit abandoned

MarcoIT thank you for the information :slight_smile: ,mhh I thought It had quite a good potential since it allows me to choose quite a variety of options compared to the dynamics physics type such as falling speed etc and the jumping feature makes jump look like the player is actually jumping,unlike that floating jump when you use dynamics.