bge clouds

clouds… they live in the sky…
but not in the game engine…
so i was trying a bunch of things… and my first attempt was in a flight combat game demo (can be found in the game demos forum) and they kinda sucked so i tried this idea… comments?
i know they are not perfect … its another try but i liked this one… so feel free to do what u want with it :slight_smile:

download link!!!


Looks nice to me :slight_smile:

looks great and simple to implement

Looks nice…
I remember years ago I used to play a flight sim called Pro Pilot, and it had sprite clouds at a distance, but for some reason if you got close to the clouds they would turn into these enormous blocky white things which were absolutely opaque, and very difficult to escape from once you’d flown into them. The real irony was that the game box bragged about how realistic their atmospherics were. I’ve always wondered if I was seeing some sort of bug, and the clouds weren’t really supposed to look like that.
But, anyway…yeah. Very nice clouds.

yeah, this is pretty much how to do it rendered too, but that uses a crapload more billboards. but still, this is great. (me and my tangents…)