BGE collision detection help

Hello All!
I have a simple BGE physics scene, with a counter based on collisions against an object based on material collisions.

Find .blend attached

Is pretty obvious that each ball only bounces/touches once, but my counter (sometimes/usually) shows more collisions than there are actual balls in the scene. I would expect it to be an under count, if anything…

Can anybody point me to how to get an accurate collision count to my text object?
I feel I am missing something…

jdText Score example.blend (547 KB)Text Score example.blend (547 KB)

Yeah that happens sometimes because the object may collide, then bounce off, then collide again. That happens in super small measurements so you don’t see it happening. Try turning on tap mode on the sensor.

Yeah activate the Tap button and experiment with the Reset Range or whatever it’s called.