Bge Crash Problem ( Big Project )

Hey, so this is my game ( cubewar )!
and its realy good, and map is Big, i edited in glsl, and added normal map to every object, and added lensflares and stuff!
when i load a game (when is textured selected) i have to wait 1 or 2 minutes to load all textures.or something, i used jpg images for terrain, it is picture made in psd, and has 60 mbs, each pictures, 5 island each jpg! But i have monster Pc, and SSD(loads pictures faster!
and when i start game, again need to wait 1 minute, and when i exit playmode (Esc ) blender Crashed, again i need to reopen blender and wait 4 minutes to try gamemode again!
this realy confuses me! What is problem, and or how can i fix this?!

You’re probably running out of VRAM. All real-time textures for game engines etc need to be placed in the VRAM of the graphics card. Try smaller/less textures.

okey and do you know why my collision sensor isnt working?
i add property! but still!