Bge Crash Problem ( Big Project )!

Hey, so this is my game ( cubewar )!
and its realy good, and map is Big, i edited in glsl, and added normal map to every object, and added lensflares and stuff!
when i load a game (when is textured selected) i have to wait 1 or 2 minutes to load all textures.or something, i used jpg images for terrain, it is picture made in psd, and has 60 mbs, each pictures, 5 island each jpg! But i have monster Pc, and SSD(loads pictures faster!

and when i start game, again need to wait 1 minute, and when i exit playmode (Esc ) blender Crashed, again i need to reopen blender and wait 4 minutes to try gamemode again!
this realy confuses me! What is problem, and or how can i fix this?

Is it a Vmemory issue?

it’s not unloading the game fast enough, so blender dies of a lack of resources?

Hehe! Sup Cro?
Make sure you are not using extra high res images.

The load time is most likely from creating physics meshes. You probably shouldn’t use the triangle mesh bounds (default for static objects) for anything past about 1~10k polys. Instead, use one of the simple physics shapes (not convex hull or triangle mesh), or create a simpler proxy phsyics object.

Also, as said, don’t go too crazy with textures. You should really start to question anything past 1k. You’ll also want to use DDS textures with DXT compression instead of jpeg. Jpeg files are sent uncompressed to the graphics card, while DDS textures can stay compressed. This will save you a lot of vram (I think DXT1 is a 6:1 compression ratio). It’s pretty easy to get setup with DDS textures in Photoshop (there is an Nvidia plugin for it), but if you don’t want to use DDS, at least use PNG files since they don’t suffer as much from compression artifacts and take up the same amount of vram as jpeg.

Now, for the crash on exit, what version of Blender are you using? Have you tried one of the 2.66 testing builds?

Are you using libload at all to load in resources? I am having similar behaviour when I exit with high numbers of objects that have been loaded using libload. If you are using libload, try and libfree() all the resources before the engine exits. I have noticed less crashes on exit with the new async libloading, which is fantastic.

Also, as Moguri said, use DDS textures. I think this lets you squeeze more textures in the VRam, so its a win win with dds.

If you’re spawning threads for network communication then that will cause crashes if those threads are still running on termination of the simulation.

Good point, yea decent thread handling is essential. Took me a while to figure out that threads aren’t nicely removed when the main program is stopped. But its not too difficult to handle them if you use a list or a dictionary to store/prob/remove them.

helo, I REALY NEED HELP! i have grand contest in 4 Days and realy need help with blender

-i am making flying game[ATTACH=CONFIG]217179[/ATTACH] as u can see here! and i want to make Collision sensor to when i touch simple coin, coin dissapears, my plane is no colision and coin sensor!
-but it doesnt works, i add property to plane and all like in one tutorial, but collision, near, and radar Sensors Doesnt work! i even changed plane to dynamic static…etc, but dont know reason!
Please help!

okey and do you know guys why my collision sensor isnt working?
i add property! but still!

Collision, don’t work on a non sensor object, if it is parented and not -sensor, dynamic, or rigid,

if it is static it will not collide, as the “static” is one big mesh if i is parented I think

@CroHack97 - Try not to post multiple threads for the same issue (as you’ve posted the new issue you’re having in the other thread you opened).

okey:/ i will post as new treath!