BGE crashes after keypress [SPACEBAR]


I am trying to make a 2D platform game (attached) in Blender 2.62/2.63. In the game the robot uses the laser to shoot the green box, then the green button on the door - it’s a pretty simple set up. But once the robot has shot the box, and turns the laser to shoot the button on the door, Blender crashes with a segmentation fault.

How can I fix this?

I am using a Toshiba Satellite L750 i7-2670QM CPU, 2GB nVidia Geforce @ 2.20GHz.



robot1.blend (1.12 MB)

I think your file is not complete, because object (laser) on the edit object actuator is missing and the mesh (Eye) on the replace mesh actuator is missing. I made a bullet and for the edit object actuator and shoot the green box and then the green button on the door.
Blender don’t crashes, but the door don’t open.
I think your crash has something to do with the replace mesh actuator.