bge dark

i made a really simple animation of a book opening; and used the bge to make it open when u press “o”, it executes the action of opening the book. the problem is, when i press “p”, the ge is dark, except for the background. u can see the dark shape of the book as if there is no lights. when you press “o” and the book starts to open, then everything suddenly is visible. whats going on?

Is it using an armature animation? I’ve has an issue with animations where lighting wasn’t applied on the beginning frame, I think it’s a glitch with blender, but I haven’t been able to reproduce it.

yes it is! i did a few tests and i came to the same conclusion that it had something to do with the armature. so i just made a really short action (1 frame) right at the beginning that puts the lights on right away. thanks for your help