BGE:Dev a new side scroller physics for blender!?

hi there! i m not really a developer but i have a good knowledge of turbo c++. i m also a science student and with my physics i learned so far i want to try coding a side scroller physics for bge. which shud b faster than using bullet physics and then costraining it to make ur 3d objects move in 2 directions.:stuck_out_tongue:

k so heres the problem:-

  1. ive no idea what blender is build in is it c or c++?
  2. ive no idea how it works and doono which files to modify and it short set it up. so can anybody provide some useful tips and links.

but atleast i have an idea of the first thing todo:- download blender source.:stuck_out_tongue:
so where do i get the latest 2.56 blender source?:smiley:

Blender is coded in C/C++ and python (python for the interface/tools). Although I believe the game engine is mostly just C++ with python wrappers.

You can grab the source via svn from here:

The game engine code is located at blender/source/gameengine. It might be worth while checking out /Physics and /Ketsji.

thanxx i checked that out. trying to understand it. i think i need a lil more detailed discription of how all that stuff is connected etc etc gotta google that up.
i think it wud b better for me to download 2.49 code first and after a few experiment i can start working on 2.5 one.
i dont want to code a new collision detector cos the objects are still 3d it good if bullet can take the trouble to see if an object is colliding.anyway exploring thing right now pls dont expect anything at this moment.:stuck_out_tongue:

Any reason for developing a side-scrolling physics system when Bullet allows the use of axis-constraints?

I’m just wondering where people would use a dedicated system over the way Bullet does it.

blendenzo made a side scroller template

You should probably step away from turbo c++. The last stable release was in 2006, and it’s been discontinued. I personally use mingw on windows, or gcc for linux.

k then i scrap off my idea cos im too getting a feeling that it would be pretty useless.
@jbc lol i also want to step away from using turbo c++ 3.0 & instead migrate to visual c++ but cant do that for 1 more yr. cos its being taught at my school so i cant do anything about it. looking forward to learn open gl & a lil directX.

ops i dont know how but i got double posted.
anyways anyone knows some cool tutorials on open cl or something else cool so i can bring something gr8 to blender users?