BGE DEV: Moguri's new BGE-dev branch starting to recieve new features/optimizations

That is correct, Moguri has recently started to work on a staging branch for new BGE development.

Yesterday for example, he cleaned up a lot of unused Blenderplayer code files that as of now was only serving to make things messier.

Today, he’s starting to add new features and optimizations, including…

Debug Properties for Added Objects (from HG1).

And animation culling for objects using armatures (speeding things up by keeping the amount of actions playing at once to a minimum).

It seems like BGE development is still heating up as we go through the Summer, I could imagine the BGE having a strong finish as the 2.6x series wraps up. So if you were impatiently waiting to see some BGE development activity, your wait is over.

sounds great! I will follow his branch for sure! :slight_smile:
I really appreciate the initiative that a bge programmer starts combining bge and blender! So someone who really knows and loves the bge can influence the direction this whole bge future goes.

Gogo Moguri :slight_smile:

Ah man , I love it ! Good luck to all ! Hopefully ton will change his mind when he will see BGE getting a lot much better .

Thank You!

I especially look forward to the animation culling. this could really speed up the game engine. :smiley:
Good luck!