BGE DEV: Old, outdated, ancient BGE math library to be replaced with Eigan2?

Moguri has been granted commit access for a branch to replace all BGE math (currently using the old Moto library), with the more modern, much faster Eigan2 library, in other words this will be a major modernization of the BGE code.

If you hit the link in the link you’ll be seeing that 2 other people will also help make this happen, though I’m wondering if the new math code will use the Zlib license so Erwin can use it for GameKit and reduce his workload to make GameKit have 100 percent feature parity with the BGE?

Neat to see the modernization of the BGE code, and neat to see that the development interest in the BGE from 2.46 to 2.49 wasn’t just a temporary thing:D

Congratulations Moguri and good luck.

Sounds interesting and challenging!

Eigen2 is licensed under LGPL3:

It is already being used in Blender for IK solving.

Here is the current proposal:

Also, it should be noted that while we are hopeful for a speed increase, it is not the primary focus of the conversion. Moto (the math library currently being used by the BGE) is a math library that was made by Blender devs, but hasn’t seen any real improvements since Blender was open sourced. Furthermore, Moto is labeled as a “dead” module meaning it’s no longer maintained, and most (if not all) of the rest of Blender is no longer using Moto. So, the primary focus is getting rid of Moto, not optimization. But again, we are hopeful that there will be some speed increase, but are uncertain how much if any.

I like math. So I approve of this project.