BGE DEV: Video texture stuff in Blender and ready for testing

So now that Ashsid’s texture plugin is almost completely intergrated into the BGE, you can now do cool effects like having Big Buck Bunny play in a BGE game.

Pretty cool, more like a commercial game engine every week, now if only if we had particle support.

lol, if only it compiled… ◉_◉ stares at jesterking

This is something ive been waiting for, exciting news for the GE.
I look forward to seeing builds? But i get the feeling we’re going to have to wait for 2.5 for this goodness…

Nice work devs! :cool:

with physics and GLSL and all that goodness already working and anow this, one more ingredient. and that would be occlusion culling…for 2.5 let’s go!! =)

Haha, you’re really pushing for occlusion culling aren’t you? This is the second thread I’ve seen you post in on the matter :wink:

I’m not entirely certain what occlusion culling is (I know what culling is), but it sounds cool. Maybe I should do some Googling.

occlusion culling is when you attach a property to an object that tells the computer “DO NOT render anything that is 100% behind this occluder” - you use occluder tags on walls for instance, or on floors and ceilings, this way you can have a 1 million polygon house, but if you place occluders on all the walls floors and ceilings, the game engine will only have to render 10,000 polys at a time.

Now, once we get this in, my personal opinion is that the coders should work on optimizing, not new GE features :slight_smile: it would be awesome to create a full game with GLSL and realtime shadows that would run decently on a mid-range computer. I’ve got 4gigs of RAM and a dual-core 2.40GHz, and if I use 4X4 with realtime shadows and GLSL, i drop to 20/30fps. Maybe that’s just me though? :slight_smile: Nice job on the new feature though guys, will be very useful for cutscenes, logos etc!

I would also like some optimisation, as some kind of good culling system and other things, but what I would really love is to get rid of bugs.

Bugs and optimisation, that’s all we need… but render to texture would be AWESOME XD

Thanks guys for the video texture stuff!!

Work for AVI too !
With this build:
Now I will figure how to use this plugin… looking for “how to” now =)

NICE work Ashsid and the others!!!
Zdeno Miklas = Ashsid?