BGE development

Can you show me some of your work, I am interested now.

I Hope to start a new thread in a handfull of weeks. Only pretty basic but I have not too much time just now so it’s going slowly at the moment. That’s good - early dev should leave room for much thinking :slight_smile:

The problem with that is we might end up with hundreds of

import bge
cont = bge.logic.getCurrentController()
owner = cont.owner
scene = bge.logic.getCurrentScene()
objects = scene.objects

That’s an awesome video! Every time I see something like that it inspires me to work harder. I’m learning C and C++ at the moment, only simple stuff so far, but videos like that encourage me to keep at it, learn more and try harder so that one day I can contribute to the BGE and help make it better.

It’s easy enough to wish for next-gen features and more power engine but I think if you put in the time and effort to learn you can develop the BGE to be what you want. There’s plenty of resources out there to learn from. Even the programmers and designers for the next-gen game engines needed to start somewhere.

Damn i posted a long post and its gone lol.

So here is my summary.

  1. Learning to use blender is alot more complex than learning python and the blender api (of course trying to connect the blender user with car driver and the blender scripter with the car mechanic is a huge joke)

  2. Python has been made to be used by non coders, that is what it makes it so amazing.

  3. What constitutes bad code is open to a HUGE debate

  4. If you have to choose between a script that does its job with bad coding and no script at all you will choose the first.

  5. No monkey will ever type full shakespear play, because they have better things to do, like pissing contests.

  6. If I had to choose between a bad but kind coder and a great but snobbish coder, I will choose the first, because he is most likely to take requests and care about his users :wink:

  7. The stupid and clueless are the ones that inherit this earth , through their hard work. This is something I learn every day in my line of profession. Elitsts going down the toilet blazzing fast, as they have hard time adapting in changing times.



  1. I’d settle for a decent shadow system at the moment. Point light shadows that don’t cost 10fps per light. In my absolutely uneducated (in terms of the coding of the GE) opinion, I think it’s the most out of date feature. Just my opinion. The first 3d game I ever played “Blade of Darkness” had point light shadows (10 years ago). I love the blender GE, and am very grateful for it. But it needs a little love.

  2. I’d kick in to a monthly GE development pool - maybe only $5, but multiply that times even just 500 users, and that’s enough for a lot of development time, especially if the coder was willing to work for a reduced rate for the good of the community - even $20 per hour is respectable. Hell, in this economy, I’d be willing to bet that there are a lot of un/underemployed people willing to do that. The trick is to get consistent funding.

  3. Consistent funding, which is not as hard as it seems. I propose that those 500 contributors don’t have to kick in cash - they can simply display Google ads on their sites, and set the ads up to feed a central account. I use Google ads on several of my pages, and make $40 - $50 per month - not a lot, and I couldn’t donate all of that of course, but even a little bit from a lot of people adds up.

I do think a new game project is required to push the BGE, even if it is a tech demo. For me, the most pressing things are:

Particle system
Better lighting
More logic blocks (with the existing ones expanded)
A proper in game UI (with a more simplistic version via logic blocks)
Making some features more straightforward to use (like making polys double sided- what a faff!)
More Blender Render side features in the BGE (motion paths, more constraints etc).

And I would pay into a development fund.

After watching this video on the developer’s page, I’d be willing to chip in for inferred lighting. I was particularly impressed by its ability to handle alpha polys. I’m interested in the game engine as much as any other aspect of Blender, and I’d love to see another open game project!

That said, I’m not a graphics whore, I’d be very happy with better support for AA and AF with some optimizations.

Another open game project would be awesome and just the thing we need for polishing and upgrading the BGE. The monthly development pool is an interesting thought, and if we look at dynamic loading as an example it looks possible.