bge dice roll and movement?

Okay. So I am making a LAN game that is a turned based dice roll kind of game. I know how to make everything accept the movement after a dice roll. I have a python script that generates a random number in a float property.

How do I make the character move the amount of spots given on the property?

Let’s say it had a random number of two. How do I get from spot three to spot five? Does this make sense?

It depends how your game is arranged. If it’s a linear progression, then find the target from the current state and then execute the move. More concretely, you might find the spot object with a ‘spot id’ property that matches the current Spot value + number of moves. Then, move towards that target (motion and steering) and set the value of the current spot to the new spot when you get there. Even better would be to do this one at a time, keep going to the next spot until the spot Id matches the current one.

This will require python unless your game is rigid and linear, then you could use the same method above with a near sensor to increment the current spot value.

Thanks! I think I figured it out now!