BGE + dlls, how small can it be?

Hi guys,

Lets say I just created a box(1 256x256 texture) and put a little (2 sec) .wav sound. How small that my .exe and .dlls can be?

Mine goes up to 9MB total (.exe + dlls) with errors when runs… missing avcodec-51 and others… and after copying those missing dlls, total files shoot up to around 20MB. Can anyone show me the proper way making my .exe?

Thank you.

Is the size of the .exe the only problem you’re experiencing now? Using just the default scene, I get an 8mb file when saving as runtime, so that’s about as small as it’s getting.

I’d also look at the size of the wav… They can be small with the right codec and options (eg mono, 8 bit etc), but they can easily be wonking huge without being obvious (48.8khz, 24 bit, stereo uncompressed… or worse).

I think you’ll find that there’s a certain amount of file size that will be added no matter what by the player and dll’s, but that you’ll find the size of your game creeps up much slower after that as long as you’re sensible about optimization.