(BGE) Duration of sensor being true with mouse and near

I have a mouse and property-near sensor hooked up to a motion and action actuator with an and controller.
Right now if the mouse and property-near sensors are true, the actuators are only activated for a single frame ( the motion and action ) I was wondering if it’s possible to have it so when the mouse is clicked the sensor stays active for a few seconds.


whatever your using to click ---------------and------------property Timer = 120

if timer does not equal 0--------------------and------------time add -1
_________________________________--------------your motion

So clicking refills the property, and each frame the property = property -1

Thanks, man! Your the best!

and here is a shiny example (don’t use near! ever!) use python and getDistanceTo !!
near sensor are cpu hungry little things!

you can also use cast rays etc.


Logicbasedtimer.blend (442 KB)