BGE dynamic text help

I have text displaying, and dynamically updating… sometimes… but it keeps getting corrupted if I change anything. Not only if I change type(float > int) but often if I only change the value, the txt begins to display bizarre errors. The usual one I get is each individual character is flipped 90 degrees, but the word isn’t, so the output looks like this:


only sideways. Does anyone know a what might be causing this?

I followed this tutorial

Sorry guys…

I swear on my profoundly newbish BGE skills I already tried rotating it a hundred times…
and it didn’t work… until just now… I’m tired and am going to bed…

The text in BGE is wierd. The reason the errors are occuring is because your changing the plane your text is on in edit mode. If you add a plane and change the size rotation and location in object mode you wont get any of the glitches your describing.

(1- )please don’t post such threads in finished games section :frowning:
(2-) a- try entering face mode and press R then chose UV coordaintes
b- you may find the solvant in a tutorial in here
good luck