BGE - Edit Object Actuator


i am trying to implement the aspect of damage into a racing/driving game using the edit mesh option in the edit object actuator in the BGE:yes: what sensor should i use??

i cant work it out! :frowning: please help me

The collision sensor?!

mm, but what do i put in for the property?

i havnt had much experience with the colision sensor

If you leave the property field blank, it will pulse on collisions with any object.

i would but all the panels and bumpers and so on are touching each other,
so it registers a collision then.

then set collision to “collider” and add a property on every object you want to cause damage that’s entitled: “collider”

I would add a python script though that only causes damage if it’s hit at speed, this is achieved by using getLinearVelocity() and setting it so linear velocity is above 20 when it hits then it causes damage.

i already tried that but because the bumper is parented to the car and touching the frame and
hood and side panels and stuff its a ghost, so the collision sensor doesnt work

Create an invisible bound box where it should collide.

That’s what I always do.

sounds like a good idea, but how??
i dnt realli know what your talking about?

Look at the .blend file in this post for ideas:;11949753;/fileinfo.html

tried!, i get a python script error :frowning:

Create a box that fits perfectly around your colliding objects, then make it invisible and parent it to the car.