BGE - Escalator Vers.2.4

Hey guys,
Iwant to share a little project with the community. (License in Blender Text-Editor)

It’s an elevator-system with full motion/dynamic.


  • Control the Player(Suzanne/Monkey) with W,A,S,D
  • The default Player will be deactivated while moving on the stairs (Actor needs a boolean-property “Movement”! )
  • The Name for the actor have to be written into each Stair_Typ1_Up/Down-property “Name-Actor” default = “actor”. So every own actor-object-name can be used.
  • change the form/ size of the escalator, like shown in the video (the stairs have to move “into” the next Sphere-Point)

Feel free to ask, if you have any questions. :wink:

Download the newest Version (or older):

What’s new?

  • Escalator-Sounds added

This first post will be updated if there are new Downloads or updates.

iFlow :slight_smile:

Pretty cool demonstration :slight_smile:

Nice example, but when I change the shape of the curves, the steps still stay the same. How would I make them follow a different path?

The stairs are at the moment an baked animation.
=> They’re only moveable at the “y”-axis.

I’d thought about an “path-following” too, but it will take some time.

I will made it in some days. :wink:
(Edit: or try/ develop it)

Hi folks,

i’d created a complete new Escalator-System which is completely changeable.

There are 7 points, which are hooked to the path (the path defines the shape of the Escalator) and the Stairs are moving from one to another Point and if they reached the last Point, they teleport to the first point. (You can add more points if you want. => You have to change the script and the properties of the four main-steps/ Groups)

There are no baked animations anymore and all the Stairs have their own movement and are groups. (four Groups: Typ1_Up, Typ1_Down and Typ2_Up, Typ2_Down)

The System is a little bit in development (started two days ago) and will be released in the next days (maximum 7 Days).

Here’s a little preview as video:

I hope you enjoy.
Please leave a comment for pros, cons and ideas. :slight_smile:

I’d updated the Downloadlink and the Video in the first post.

There is a new version of my escalator-system now with the functions said in my previous post.

The new video demonstrates the new system incl. how to modificate it.(Not very detailed yet)

The body of the escalator is modified with modifiers (array and follow path).
=> It follows the path, which is hooked to the seven points (emptys in sphere-shape).

Every stair has it’s own movement and “seeks” the next point (orientate them into the point-dirrection, they will automatically orientate horizontal while running BGE; see video).

If you have any questions, ask. :slight_smile:

Update 2.3:

The Escalator has now an handrail and end-parts, which close the body at both ends.

Everything is modular like in the versions since V2.0.
Downloadlink in the first post.

Is there anything you’ll like to see at the escalator?

Update 2.4:

I’d added Escalator-Sounds for a better “Escalator feeling”. :smiley:

The download-link is available at my first post, like every time. (Older versions are also available via the link.)

I hope you enjoy it.


your little demo its so cool that I’ll make a “shopping mall” game just to use it! :wink:
Thank you for sharing!

No problem. :wink:
I use Open-source-software/-codes and give something for it.

If there is a final “shopping mall” I like to see the escalator integration. :slight_smile: