bge exercise " baked room playground " update 1

my first post
have a nice bakedroom with the awesome 2d fillter from mike pan
but i do not use the high sample cycle baked so we could still see a lot of noise from the envirovement.
I’ve been trying to find out how to reduce noise in cycle but I still have not found a description that is easy for me to follow :spin:

:yes: update 2 soon as posible, maybe 2 or 3 weeks from now.
i wont to aded more player controll as 3rd person or rts in the next update :eek:

:smiley: i will upload the blend file soon,not now ,it because the blend file is large for me to upload,
i will create partially of this blend in to some category,i need to redistribute all asset that not cause fail while you try to append the asset of the texture etc.

if you’re not too busy check out my portofollio on behance ( )
and thanks I learned a lot from the blender artist forum
special thanks to my friend @arif
and also my fb maybe we can discuss some cookies and my interest for 2d digital draw happy blending! :wink:

Wow great! How did you have so many reflections? What did you use for that?

reflection from easygame asset addon ,i can’t found the original copy so here personal upload from drobox
mike pan easygame asset :
I thought to use one material only, but i have bug on windows,miror and gound reflection the script was allow only one independence name to have a same reflection corectly,so just create new one for every property you want to add reflection.