BGE fonts anyone?

Hey, i’m not asking you to create anything, just if you have some fonts that you have created in the past and would like to share them with the community, upload them here so everyone can just come to this thread and grab one they like. I know its a hassle to created fonts that work with the BGE, so this could be a great resource.

(512x512 or greater resolution preferred)

512x512 would be the best. 256x256 looks really grainy on some fonts.
It is a shame we cant just use TTF fonts like Irrlicht, Ogre, and 3dgame studio.
Wish BGE could render SVG images and fonts too.

Yea, I know, it sucks.

Heres a bunch of fonts:

Heres a tool to create your own bitmap fonts:

not sure what size these are:

some of my own:
a basic set -
karmatic arcade -
japanese -

brilliant - thanks for these links. I still have a soft spot for the subracer font on the gamekit cd…