BGE Forest

Blender for modeling, BGE for rendering, no baking all light stuff is realtime (especial thanks to Martins Upitis).
Hope you like it.


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The framerate seems low but it looks awesome.

Yeah, the framerate is from 12 to 18, but there is no LODs, no prebaked lighting - all is “honest BGE”. i mean that BGE is cool thing for archviz just out of the box like UE4.

Is the forrest generated? Does it have an end?

yep, it is just a plane with particles converted to instances, i added LODs and now it is from 30 to 60 FPS and i think that it could be more than 1 square kilometer that is quite enogh for all needs

i mean that with cycles baking and SSAO from Martinish, BGE becomes an internal in realtime with prebaked GI that is really cool. Also it is possible to setup light in internal and bake it much faster than with Cycles and this makes BGE a nice tool for archviz - no renderfarm needed :slight_smile:

That’s great.

Hi, great job!
It’s possible to present the blend-file?
Some details are unclear how to build this forest.
I would like to understand more about some details of this procedure.
I have published similar work in “Daylight simulation …”.