BGE FPS Arms Video Tutorial Series and Example Blend

This is a quick stand-in post that will be fleshed out later, hopefully :smiley:

I am creating a video tutorial series for the Blender Game Engine, specifically for an FPS Arms game (where you see your arms and the gun, not just the gun) since I did not find many helpful tutorials on this.

The entire playlist can be found here:

My Blog post about it can be found here (exact same thing as this right now :D):

The download is:

What this currently contains:

An FPS rig (grouped) that has the following features:

A rigged set of FPS arms (I removed and edited from a makehuman model)
A heavily edited and rigged SPAS-12 (from veti)
Mostly Python based movement and animation system (loosely based on the social FPS template)
Very basic running, walking, firing, idle animations
Bullethole and Bulletforce script (from the social FPS template)
The very very start of a menu system (very WIP)

The controls are as follows:
WASD for movement
SHIFT for run (hold down)
LCTRL for crouch (toggle)
RMOUSE for iron sight
LMOUSE for fire
SPACE for jump

My original sources/stuff:
Social FPS Template:
Python mouselook script:

Interesting, might look at some of the videos when I have time. A good contribution to the forum, and well done.

Thanks! If you just want to view the Python movement tutorials, that is videos 7-11, the other videos cover basic world design, logic brick only movement, etc.

Updated blend file and added another video to the playlist dealing with intermediate python topics:

Does the basics of the following Blender game engine python skills:

  1. Functions
  2. Classes
  3. Returning variables
  4. Combining several python scripts
  5. Blender global dictionary, basic saving and accessing
  6. One time initialization of variables/settings
  7. General script overview for an FPS game. (As far as I know)

Very nice!, I’ll be watching this.

Thank you for your work!

However I am experiencing bugs, I cannot shoot all the time, especially after crouching. I have to run to be able to shoot again, very irregular, the other controls works as expected.

Martin, just tested this again to make sure some of the changes I made didn’t break anything, and I can’t seem to replicate this issue.

What it might be:

  1. Currently the fire animation is keframed longer than I have actual animation, so it won’t let you fire again until the entire animation is done (looks like lag, you can see it when your fire then try to run mainly)
  2. Maybe there is some sort of bug involved with my ammo where it shows ammo left but there is not any actual ammo? I haven’t experienced this yet
  3. Currently you are ONLY allowed to shoot when the debug lasers are showing (the red or green laser). If those AREN’T showing, you can’t fire your weapon.

If you could find an exact way to replicate this, I will try and replicate/fix the issue…

Updated video, also updated the download link with latest blend.

Updated download links for blend file, and added HUD Part 2 covering health bar and damage indicators for your HUD.

Thats very nice tutorial series, keep it up. :slight_smile:

wow thanks great tuts :twothumbs