BGE Gaikai and licensing spaghetti

Ok this things looks very promising to me:

If it does what they say I have to worry less about support, people “borrowing” games and so on.

However, with this essentially putting the entire sources of the game on a server it’s going to be a nice little “black box” and I wonder how I’ll be able to show I’m still complying with the GPL :slight_smile:

The nice thing is I won’t have to worry about the .blend being a separate file as this system will automatically protect my content, make it look good (hopefully) and let people play games at the best quality their broadband connection allows them to.

I’m however curious about what other BGE-heads think about this system.

onlive announced ‘cloud console’ first. :wink:

Yes, but you or hoxolotl won’t be able to use it as it will be US only when/if it launches.


yes, at least at first, but as I’ve understood they are interested in other markets as well,
besides I just mentioned the fact that they got to post ‘first!’ first. :wink: