BGE Game Property to control empty rotation??

Hello everyone, first post here. Noob question ahead (feel free to forward me to a previous post that could help me)

I’m trying to rotate an empty in game by mouse over an object in camera view. I tried to follow a youtube tutorial however it was made in version 2.5, therefore I tried to improvise the f-curve actuator by using “Action” one instead. Didn’t work.

Here are the steps I’ve taken (after saving keyframes for empty rotation for 360 degree turn):

  1. For Empty - Add Game Property named “CameraTurn” - set as integer - set value as 1
  2. For Empty - Add “Always”, “and”, “action” with “property” for “EmptyAction”, set propety to “CameraTurn”, change layer to “1”, left everything else zero/blank
  3. For plane, add “mouseover” (true level triggering), “and”, “message” = “TurnCCW3”
  4. Back to Empty - add “message” (true level triggering), “and”, “property” add to “CameraTurn” value of 10

Nothing. Another hint that could troubleshoot is that if I check the print debug info, i get nothing on-screen during the game. I’ve tried using float property, tried all combinations of true level triggering, tried to set frame property. None work. I have done simple motion actuator for the same end effect and that works but i figured if I am ever going to get more advanced, I’d better learn how to control things with the game property now.

Thanks in advance! I’m sure it’s something simple.

the message sensor should listen to “TurnCCW3”

Rather then always sensor -> ActionActuator
PropertySensor (True Pulse) mode: changed -> ActionActuator

Make sure you set Property: CameraTurn (not FrameProperty)
Make sure you grab the right action (I can’t tell without the file).

Make sure the property changes by enabling debug mode (game menu) and debug flag (at property). Watch the debug on screen.