[BGE GAME] Story Ideas? Beta?

So before we get to much into this post let me state this is only a few hours worth of work, But this is very very VERY 1st game i’ve ever made within bge. It was all made using logic bricks without any python included at all. Therefore its not as good as a custom codded game.

But i have made 3 levels of which only 2 of them are actually complete. When you launch the game. You will be greeted with the Main menu.

I would suggest just pressing play. As the “top down view” Mode is still in Early dev. it does not work exactly right while though still playable.
The Graphics are Simple colors. as im not good with texturing and thus being my 1st game. i am looking for Story Board ideas. after you play the game tell me what your thoughts on the story of the game is. Im not looking for graphic help or fix this type of responses.

Level one is simple enough without Putting the entire game script here the objective is to find a generator.
level two is to assemble the generator.
level three ???
level four ???

that is where i need help, i have ran out of ideas for my main story board much Thanks for helping.

Download may not work on windows, because i made it on Linux, So let me know if you need an exclusive exe file

sorry i don’t like to download from mediafire. Could you post some images of your game maybe?

I think you need to find out the goal at the end of the game. Before ever starting something like this, you should have the end in mind.

Lev 3 could be that you need to use the generator for something.

And final level is keeping the generator maintained and dealing with ware. Or if you want to be fun maintain generator from flesh eating zombie hordes! =D